DrupalCamp NJ 2016

Apache Solr - Learning new tricks from an old dog

Almost everyone in the Drupal community knows what Apache Solr is.  It's the most venerable full text search engine in the open source world, and it's integration with Drupal is very full featured.  Just set it up and it runs.

Fewer developers know about the other cool things you can do with it using features that are built in to Solr and supported by the contrib module community.  

The first part of this session will be a quick setup tutorial followed by a very high level overview of how Solr works in a Drupal context.  This will help you to understand how to think like Solr so that you can more easily see how it fits into the toolkit you can offer to your employers and clients.

The second part will be a few real world applications of this new found knowledge, including --

  • Building a recommendation engine with "More Like This", a built in feature of Solr
  • Building blazing fast content listings with the Apachesolr Views module


Intermediate (install and configure modules/themes)
Drupal 7

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