DrupalCamp NJ 2016

Drupal 8 - Whats New in Core - Site Building

Spin the tires on D8 in this interactive session on Drupal site building

Drupal 8 is here and with it comes some new and exciting changes.  The site building component in D8 is chock full of new features and a fresh new look.  In this session we will explore some of what to expect when site building in Drupal 8 while getting hands on with stackstarter.io

Areas of exploration:

  • Views in core
  • Content Types (Form displays and new layout)
  • New Fields in core (Telephone, Email, Date, Link, Entity Reference)
  • Display Modes (View modes and Form modes)
  • Image handling, Text formats, Inline Editing and WYSIWYG
  • Block types
  • Configuration Management
  • Contact Form
  • Review some of modules removed from core
  • Review some of the D7 contrib modules we no longer need.


The key takeaway from this talk will illustrate that the changes made to the site building layer in Drupal 8 allow us to do a whole lot more out of the box with core as opposed to requiring a full stack of various contributed modules.

Beginner (just starting, know basic terminology, content creation)
Site Building
Drupal 8

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