DrupalCamp NJ 2016

Help Improve and Plan a Drupal-based Social Action Site to Fight Racism

I am a Genetics / Genomics research scientist who has been using Drupal since 2007 to create custom Data Dashboards and Knowledge Tools for Genomics and Big Data analysis.

I also have started or worked on a number of Crisis or Social Action sites with Drupal, such as for the Haiti Earthquake crisis. This is described on my home page: "The Same "Data Mashup" Web Technologies for building Powerful Genomics Research Tools can be used to Help Haiti"

I recently started a potentially very important Social Action site to Fight Racism

"The Truth about Race based on Genetic Science"

There are now several world-leader geneticists, including one Nobel laureate, who have contributed to the project.

But we need additional Content input, and also additional web site development.

This web project is built on the Drupal Panopoly distro, which has a very flexible, Mobile First theme called Responsive Bartik.

You can view the web site on any device, with any screen display, and with any orientation, and see what pages are available and then Navigate easily to them with the Responsive Bartik theme.

I want to get help want to add some features to create a fairly standard "Crowdsourcing" Social Action site:

For example, we could use several existing contrib modules, but I need some help with configuration.

  • Voting Up of specific Comments, possibly using the Flag contrib module, or some other module.
  • Granular Permissions with Organic Groups: this is a very complex module to configure properly.
  • Part of the site should be Public, but parts should be Private.
  • Forums with different levels of permissions.

There seem to be some bugs in Panopoly, or these may just be configuration problems.

If you can, please read the attached Essay before you come to the BoF - or the above web link - so you can get a clear idea what this project is about, and how it may be able to impact positively on Racism.

Then please come to the BoF and contribute your ideas and suggestions!!

Or, email me privately if you cannot come to the BoF and want to join this project: mcaudy@gmail.com

Intermediate (install and configure modules/themes)
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Drupal 7

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