DrupalCamp NJ 2016

108 (first floor)

Platform Cooperativism with Drupal

How can we create a platform with Drupal 8, where those that maintain and build with it are in control?

Take something like SquareSpace. You have those that make a living designing for it, yet ultimately, they have little say in what features are built into the underlying platform. And of course, by their building on SquareSpace, they are contributing to that platform's bottom line.

How can Drupal 8 and perhaps some obvious contrib modules be used to build something similar, that designers could build for, and be members of?

Help Improve and Plan a Drupal-based Social Action Site to Fight Racism

I am a Genetics / Genomics research scientist who has been using Drupal since 2007 to create custom Data Dashboards and Knowledge Tools for Genomics and Big Data analysis.

I also have started or worked on a number of Crisis or Social Action sites with Drupal, such as for the Haiti Earthquake crisis. This is described on my home page: "The Same "Data Mashup" Web Technologies for building Powerful Genomics Research Tools can be used to Help Haiti"

Drupal does Edtech

Get together to talk EdTech with other people in the Drupal for education, edtech, and LMS communities. Moderated by btopro head of the elmsln project. Bring your ideas, things you've been working on, cool modules for EDU space and plan for the road ahead

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