DrupalCamp NJ 2016


We are offering five community trainings on Friday, January 29 at 701 Carnegie Center. Registration will open at 9 am with classes starting around 9:30 and running until the end of the day. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for the low cost of your ticket.

Introduction to Drupal Best Practices and Development Workflows

Trainer: Mike Anello, DrupalEasy

The Drupal community provides a plethora of online learning tutorials, screencasts, and blog posts to help just about anyone learn the basics of Drupal site-building and development. With so many learning resources available, it can be difficult to determine which are the best solutions to use and which are bad habits to avoid. In this workshop, you'll be taken on a journey of building portions of a Drupal site using commonly-implemented best practices. 

Becoming an Awesome Drupal Project Manager

Trainer: Ray Saltini, FFW

Drupal Development is a specialty, so is Drupal Project Management. What do you need to know about project management and Drupal to help you manage more successfully? This class is designed to help you understand all the stages of Drupal project development and how you can support your team to deliver the best possible outcomes. We’ll also talk about what the recent release of Drupal 8 means for project managers and how to assess which version of Drupal is best for you.

In this full day class you’ll learn about:

  • open source fundamentals
  • basic Drupal application concepts
  • Drupal terminology
  • basic site building
  • the role of the Drupal PM
  • project management methodologies and tools
  • phases of a Drupal project
  • how to build project work plans
  • how to align your project plan with development best practices
  • development workflow and coding standards
  • tips for finding Drupal talent, better design and UX, and effective content strategy
  • what Drupal 8 means for project managers

Drupal 8 Module Development

Trainer: Ted Bowman, Six Mile Tech

Come learn the basics of the module development in Drupal 8. We will step through making a simple but useful module for Drupal 8. Learn how to leverage Drupal 8's APIs and to extend and customize the behavior of Drupal core or important contributes modules by writing your own custom modules.

Drupal 8 Migration

Trainer: Novella Chiechi & Ryan Weal, Kafei

The upgrade path between major versions of Drupal is now more flexible and extensible than ever allowing many new ways to get content into your new Drupal 8 site. This is the result of refactoring, expanding, and porting the Migrate and Drupal-to-Drupal Data Migration modules into Drupal 8 core.

The new versions of these modules go much further than both the old upgrade path and the Drupal 7 modules they replace. The migrations now include setup of content types, variable and block migrations, internationalization, and pathways for most system components that are now in core. This session will provide an overview of the architecture, a demonstration of a sample migration, an update on the current progress, and some time for Q&A.

Designing Web Sites with Drupal 8

Trainer: Daniel Schiavone, Snake Hill

The goal is to introduce designers to theming with Drupal 8 including:

  • Processes for creating a theme
  • Basic theming concepts, including installing themes, theme templates and page regions
  • Basic usage of Twig
  • Responsive theming
  • Subtheming


701 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540

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