DrupalCamp NJ 2016

Community Contributions to Boost Your Bottom Line

Everyone who uses open-source software (and understands where it comes from!) knows that they should contribute something back; it's the right thing to do. The various reasons so few people contribute are often valid: perceived high barrier to entry, my employer won't let me, I don't have the time, etc… Only a small percentage of folks realize that contributing isn't a purely altruistic activity. Contributing actually leads to personal gains in skills, finances, and connections  - and the community is not only okay with that, it actually supports it. A new perspective on contributing can expand your client base and create new opportunities for  you - and the community will benefit just as much.

This presentation will ask you to take a fresh look at how and why you can contribute to an open-source community. It will challenge the perception that you need to be an expert programmer or user, know a certain person, or work for a particular organization. More importantly, it will look at how you can benefit from contributing including learning and practicing new skills, increasing your income and greater opportunities for expanding your personal network.

Mike Anello will challenge you to take advantage of the huge opportunities that participating in an open-source community provide. Using real-world examples from open-source communities and for-profit companies, learn how by looking at contributions from a different angle, you can financially, mentally, and karmic-ly enrich yourself and/or your organization.

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