DrupalCamp NJ 2016

109 (first floor)

Sponsored by Web Development Services.

Move Over Vagrant, Hello Docker

Docker is poised to revolutionize the way web applications are deployed and hosted. Docker lets us describe, isolate and deploy services more efficiently and consistently without all the complications of virtual machines and the overhead they consume.  We can also use Docker to supercharge our day-to-day Drupal development. Come see how we are using Docker to solve development environments.

Drush in your toolbox

Drush is a multipurpose command-line tool for doing almost anything to your Drupal site.

You can get status, clear caches, download modules to the right spots, install them, install Drupal itself for goodness sakes. You can make backups, create users, heck, it'll even make you a sandwich if you're special.

You can even run Drupal without a web server. Wait... Wat? ¯\_(⊙_◎)_/¯

Life after dpm: Debugging in Drupal 8

Debug your PHP code efficiently without Devel module’s dpm(Drupal Print Message).  With Drupal 8’s adoption of Symfony and object-oriented architecture, we need to adjust how we debug our code. Up until now, many of us have been using the convenient dpm function for debugging and introspection. However, dpm cannot print protected properties or provide information about methods of an object. This makes it difficult to debug objects and classes.  It’s time to learn a new approach! We will look at alternative methods to solve this problem such as:

Visual Regression Testing and Drupal

Ever wondered why your website breaks each time you add a new feature? Want to automate testing on your site? don't know coding? No Problem! Drulenium to your rescue!!

Drupal + Selenium = Drulenium

Business Applications of Lessons Learned from Drupal Core Mentoring

Find out what makes a successful mentoring experience.

Drupal Core Mentoring has become immensely popular since the idea of online office hours first came about in July 2011. Soon after, mentoring at Drupal events came on the scene at DrupalCon Denver, then Munich in 2012. To ease new contributors into the Drupal contribution workflow, every DrupalCon since then has included Core Mentored Sprints and First Time Sprinter Workshops.

We will show examples of how to apply the key components of Drupal Core mentoring to mentoring inside organizations:

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