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Entities from Core to Custom

Entities from Core to Custom

Entities were introduced into Drupal with Drupal 7 and allow easy access to and manipulation of Core data. They power such contributed initiatives as the Media module and can be a powerful means of organizing data for custom modules. This session will give an overview of how Entities work in Drupal and how you can implement them in your code.

  • Entity Concepts in D8
  • Getting the most from D8 Core Entities
  • Smarter Modules with Custom Entities

Attendees at this session will:

Web Personalization for Drupal Sites: Simple Ways to Get Started

Web personalization allows content to be tailored to the interests of the visitor, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Leading marketers agree that personalized content should be fundamental to an effective digital marketing strategy, but planning and implementing a personalization solution can be complex or cost prohibitive.

In this session, we’ll introduce the basics of web personalization and demonstrate several simple ways to get started with web personalization on Drupal.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

Get it Write the First time: User Stories

What's the difference among a story, an Epic, a task or an Improvement? What's a tracer bullet, as opposed to a Spike? How do you bridge the gap between what your client wants and what the developers on your team need to know?

Web Accessibility 101 - Accessibility Information and Solutions for Everyone

If you can design a website, you can design an accessible one. - World Wide Access

Web accessibility is nothing new, and there are a lot of actionable ways to make your content usable for all. The focus of this session will be on easy, everyday things that we all can do to make sure our sites are accessible for everyone, introduce accessibility standards and insure compliance with regulatory guidelines, learn WHAT NOT to do, and introduce site testing tools to help you build an accessible and inclusive website.

Decoupled Drupal and the Front End

Decoupled content management has been taking the front-end world by storm recently as developers seek new ways to leverage battle-tested back ends alongside more flexible, extensible front ends. The JavaScript renaissance firmly envisages a future where single-page apps with ever-quickening advances can integrate seamlessly with "headless" back ends such as Drupal -- often by bypassing the theme layer altogether.

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